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about us

An English co-educational school, with the normal entry point is in the ‘Play Group’ at the age of 2.5 years. Admission is usually in the month of March, depends on vacancies available.

Madhur Bachpann Academy Registered Under the State of Jharkhand U-Dias code-2007070904 and Regd. by Govt. of india(Ministry of H.R.D) Red. No. A-112254/2014


"Located in the heart of the city, well equipped with transportation and other modern facilities makes ‘Madhur Bachpann Academy’ the best school in the city. Some other salient features of the "Madhur Bachpann Academy" includes:

*   Colorful Environment.

*   Regular Health Checkups.

*   Development Activities.

*   Well Ventilated Class Rooms.

*   Student Teacher ratio.

*   Pickup and drop facilities on the lap of facilitator.

*   Proposing Air Conditioner classrooms for the tiny tots.

*   24/7 Electricity and Water.

*   Parents Teachers Interaction.

Mission & Vision


The mission of "Madhur Bachpann Academy" is to provide a systematic and holistic approach to education which brings basket of opportunity to the students.

*   To develop leadership and spirit of adventure.

*   To encourage overall development of scientific and rational thinking.

*   To nurture and foster intellectual abilities.

*   To develop self confidence through a sense of responsibility and discipline.

*   To help a child in discovering his/her own creative and aesthetic potential.

*   We associate success and other lifetime skills in each child’s upbringing right from the preschool years.

*   Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style.

*   We not only keep promoting them as good students but also as good human being, with traditional essence.

   For us, the rights of education of a child are non-negotiable.


To be a centre of excellence in education along with to evolve young minds into responsible citizens who can overcome the hurdles of the present day, in keeping with the rich heritage of India.

The end objective is to create caring, dynamic and responsible global citizens who will meet the challenges of an ultra modern society while retaining the traditional values and also such citizens who are committed to the development of the nation, as we envision today’s children as tomorrow’s leadership icons.


Dear Parents, Guardians and all well wishers of ‘Madhur Bachpann Academy’ greetings. It has been a wonderful journey for all of us since 2007 and yet there is a long way to go.

Sometime a very simple question comes to me, “Why we should choose ‘Madhur Bachpann Academy’ for our child?”

The answer is very simple, “Education is a systematic process through which a child or an adult acquires knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. Here in ‘Madhur Bachpann Academy’ we try to follow these simple steps of guiding our students to be an honest human being, hard working and also to be such a person who can always do better at the next opportunity available, if fails in the first attempt. Our assessment system is well planned that helps students to question, to think, to reason and to analyze.

The role of education is countless for a perfect society and man. It is necessary for every society and nation to bring holistic happiness and prosperity of its individuals. Now we extend to you our invitation to join us towards making ‘Madhur Bachpann Academy’, Madhupur, a temple of learning where Abacus, Music, Drawing, Classical Dance, Aerobics being delivered with aesthetic fragrances and moral values that helps us in molding the future leaders of the world. We look forward to this collaboration with all our well-wishers in accomplishing this noble task.


“Plants are fashioned by cultivation, man by education”

Schools play an important role in the overall development of a child. We strongly believe that excellence does not happen by chance. So all the activities we conduct here in ‘Madhur Bachpann Academy’ are driven by the same belief.

As Madhupur is a very small, developing town, the need of a good school with all the modern facilities as well as keeping the traditional values intact was a must. So in the year 2007 we have tried to taken a small initiative in this journey of making ‘Madhur Bachpann Academy’ the best school in town, maintaining balance with economy of citizens of Madhupur, as well as the educational standard, maintaining the traditional culture and heritage of an English medium school.

The saying goes that there exists a very thin line that separates a good school from a truly great school. I am happy to say that we are moving strongly along that journey to greatness, with the support of all good and great people and citizens of Madhupur at large, who are supporting us by all possible means.

welcome to Bachpann Academy School Life


Age Group: 2.5 + onwards.

The pre-primary section includes the play group. It mainly focuses on building communication skills, language readiness, math readiness and learning from visual arts. Teaching is aimed at making learning fun.


Age Group: 3.5 + onwards.

The nursery section focuses on giving a strong base to the little ones, preparing them for the higher classes.


Age Group: 4.5 + onwards.

The kindergarten section focuses on the enhancing communication skills, expression through art, thus promoting cognitive development. In a well maintained environment children’s intellectual, physical, cultural, artistic and communication skills develop and flourish.


Age Group: 6.0 + onwards.

The primary section mainly focuses on the various academic subjects such as English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Studies, etc. The teacher aims to build an interactive ambience where the children may freely express their own options.


“At the "Madhur Bachpann Academy", a lot of emphasis is laid on the complete development of the mind, spirit and body of each and every child. The students participate in large numbers in many functions held during each academic year. Some of the main functions are:”

Inter School Festival.

Teacher’s Day.

Children’s Day.

Saraswati Puja.

Raksha Bandhan.

Annual Day Celebration

Gandhi Jayanti.

Christmas Day.

“We also focus on the child’s interpersonal development along with the aspects of self-reliance and individual growth. Students are exposed to various activities which they choose according to their choice and interest. Some of them are:”

Arts & Craft.



Visual Arts.



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